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The Ditzy Quest Of Jessy Bunny


Jessica “Jessy Bunny” Bunnington’s ditzy boob quest proceeds. Jessy’s objective of turning into without equal big-titted ditzy has reached some other degree. Stripling introduced us up to the mark on this dialog.

SCORE: Jessy, what’s your present brassiere dimension now?

Jessy Bunny: My brassiere dimension is 75N in Euro dimension. That makes me the youth with the fattest boobsters in all of Austria.

SCORE: What number of ccs are your boobsters now?

Jessy Bunny: I’ve 2000cc expander implants. Expander signifies that I derrière cram them up even fatter and I derrière’t wait to succeed in 3000cc, 4000cc, 5000cc or even fatter.

SCORE: Are your tweeters extra delicate now along with your fresh dimension?

Jessy Bunny: Sure, oh my god. They caress much more at the cloth of my tops and clothes. Sincerely, it already took place several occasions that I were given a nip climax all the way through buying groceries. They’re supah delicate now as a result of my flesh is so spread and bony.

SCORE: Have you ever completed your bimbofication objectives?

Jessy Bunny: I’m supah blessed with my assets, however there’s far more I wish to have. I can have some other Latin seat raise. I wish to cram my boobsters manner fatter and several issues extra.

SCORE: When did you first-ever take into consideration bimbofication?

Jessy Bunny: I all the time desired to be supah girly. My first-ever touch with the bimbofication group used to be when I used to be a bambino. I used to be in enjoy with the stellar transformations.

SCORE: Do you’ve any beloved SCORE Women of the previous or introduce?

Jessy Bunny: I enjoy the entire SCORE Women. There are such a lot of iconic nymphs, like Anastasia Female and Minka, simply to call several, however my all-time beloved is Chelsea Charms. Her entire assets share is a objective for me.

Date: July 22, 2023

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