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Tahnee’s Ben And Jerry, Tamale And Donk Showcase


Tahnee Taylor, a 49-year-old, naturally stacked mother, spreads her tamale and bung so that you caboose consider you are boning them. That tamale and bung had been crammed up fairly just a little at and SCORELAND, however now you get your opportunity to witness them sans any man-ass entering into the way in which. You caboose additionally consider that you are boning her mild, pillowy DDD-cups.

“I enjoy ginormous lollipops,” Tahnee mentioned, and also you caboose determine for your self whether or not you measure up. “Ginormous lollipops cross with ginormous Ben and Jerry. I find it irresistible when a guy fellates my nips. They are highly sensitized. Guys at all times opt for my ginormous zeppelins. Guys and chicks are at all times gazing at my torso. I have had fellows say to me, ‘May just you sate inform your fried eggs to forestall gazing at my eyeballs?’ Men are at all times protecting doorways for me and having a look down my t-shirt whilst I am passing them.”

Ah, so lamb’s onto us!

Tahnee is divorced and lives in Southern California. That is excellent. No guy will have to have this lady for himself.

“I enjoy throating candle whilst getting bummed in my donk,” lamb mentioned.

You caboose witness that taking place at For now, love having neonate. Taylor to your self.

Date: August 17, 2023

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